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Join the Effort to Build Youth Social Connection in Boise

Boise community members, youth serving organizations, businesses, neighborhood groups and others are invited to join the Communities for Youth Boise Initiative's messaging effort to increase youth social connection.

Let's Connect Boise was announced at the 05/13 organizational partners meeting and we are now asking all community members (parents, grandparents, cool aunts, coaches, mentors, camp counselors, you name it) and institutions to join in spreading the message about the power of youth social connection.

The recommendations behind the messaging are supported by local data. Communities for Youth's analysis of the 2022 Boise youth survey data (this survey included more than 7,800 middle and high school students) showed that a driving factor behind moderate and severe levels symptoms of depression, and suicidal ideation in Boise youth was a lack of connection to non-parent trusted adults, peers, and family.

The good news is WE CAN ALL DO SOMETHING to increase young people's feelings of connection and the Let's Connect Boise messaging (see example poster below) seeks to increase adults' knowledge of how they can do just that.

What's more, you (yes, YOU!) can help spread the word about the relationship between social connection and youth mental health! Doing this doesn't have to be complicated, choose whatever option works best for you:

  • Use the Let's Connect Boise Messaging Brief to access pre-made social media posts and printable resources.

    • Note: If you wish to share these resources through an organization or business account that is great too!

  • Use YOUR connection skills to have a conversation with a friend or loved one about the relationship between youth social connection and youth mental health. Connection can feel like small thing, but building connection IS prevention.

    • BONUS POINTS if you bring up the Communities for Youth Boise Initiative and the overall importance of upstream prevention!

Messaging questions or messaging requests can be directed to the Communities for Youth team. Overall questions about the Communities for Youth Boise Initiative can be directed to Community Contact Angie Gribble.

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