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Crossing the River

Our Approach:
Upstream Prevention

We know it can be hard to know what you or your community can do to help ensure well-being for young people. Our approach is called "Upstream Prevention" and it's about working directly with young people to identify the risks and protective factors in their lives to prevent crises before they start. Watch our video to learn about the steps in the process.


Build a Community Coalition

The first step is just gathering folks from across your community, including educators, parents, policy makers, grandparents and small business leaders in a group dedicated to keeping the attention on youth health in your community.

Collect Youth Voice

The second step is collecting information from teens in your community to more closely understand the things hurting or helping their health.

Reach the Top

Set Goals

The third step is coming together as a community to look at the ways in which you want to reduce challenges and promote strengths to improve youth health in your community.

Keep the Conversation Going

The final step is to keep the conversation going about what the key issues facing youth are and what your community plans to do about them. Encourage more people to join the conversation and keep it going!

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Feel free to download and share this info sheet!

Learn More...

Our approach is based on the very successful Icelandic Prevention Approach.

To learn more check out this video link from St. Luke's Community Health:

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