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For Students

Just talking about mental health isn’t enough. We need the knowledge, skills, and confidence to step up and be there for one another.

What is mental health?

Mental health is the combination of how we think, feel, and act.


We all have mental health struggles sometimes when we are sad, scared, stressed, confused, or going through a tough time - which usually doesn't last very long.


But sometimes we need extra help when struggles last longer than a couple of weeks.

What do mental health struggles look like?

When feelings, thoughts, or behaviors become too much, it can look like:

  • Intense or distressing emotions

  • A change that has lasted more than two weeks

  • Struggle with daily life, causing difficulties sleeping, eating, concentrating, working, enjoying things or relating to others

  • Withdrawing from relationships

  • Misuse of alcohol or drugs, thoughts of self-harm, or aggressiveness

  • Dangerous behaviors or risky decisions

How you can help!

If you have a friend you can see struggling, ask them about it. You can start with these general golden rules:

  • Say what you see

  • Show you care

  • Hear them out

  • Know your role

  • Connect to care


Additional Resources

988 Lifeline.png

Know anyone who needs help?

If you or a friend need help, don't wait. Call 211, a parent, teacher, or trusted adult. No one should suffer alone.

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