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Communities for Youth invites students throughout the Treasure Valley to create original works of photography, 2-dimensional art, poetry, and short-form video that exemplify the theme of social connection.

DUE DATE: All submissions due by MIDNIGHT MST, March 04, 2024. 

All qualifying entries will be displayed at JUMP at the Celebrating Connection Event to be held in April. Date to be announced soon!

Celebrating Connection: Art and Media Challenge

More Information About the Art Challenge

All submissions should relate to the theme of positive youth social connection. The Communities for Youth Student Well-being survey showed Social Connection was a key factor in reducing risk for Depression and Suicidal Ideation in Boise youth. 

Social connection can be defined as meaningful, authentic connections that young people have to peers, family members, and other trusted adults that contribute to their well-being. Submissions that connect the theme of youth social connection with its positive effects on young people’s mental and emotional well-being are particularly encouraged. The U.S. Surgeon General’s website on social connection is an outstanding resource on this topic that may be utilized for background information/research.

Exploring the Theme of "Social Connection"

Submissions should creatively explore one or more of the following questions:

  • What does meaningful connection look like to you?

  • How does social connection support your well-being?

  • What are the types of people or events that encourage meaningful social connection?

  • What are some of the main ways young people support each other with connection?

  • What are some of the main ways adults can make young people feel more connected in their daily lives?

  • What are the words, phrases, or feelings that make you feel most connected to your friends and loved ones?

How to Submit

All submissions will be virtual. A blank copy of the submission form is available here for reference. Please note all submissions must include an artist's statement that briefly describes the student's creative process, inspiration, and vision in 250 words or less. For more information on what submission rules are by category, visit the FAQ section below. 

Types of Entries

  • Photography

  • Original Art

  • Poetry 

  • Short-form video (musical, dance, and spoken word submissions acceptable as short-form video)


Who can submit?

Middle and high school students who attend school within the Treasure Valley. Submissions must be from individual students. 

What can I submit?

Submission rules vary by category:

  • Photography: entries must be original still images taken by the individual who is submitting them.

  • Original Art: entries must be original art. Any 2-dimensional medium will be accepted including painting, drawing, digital, cartoon, and mixed media (pop-out art, cut paper, etc. are OK).  Photos of original work will be initially submitted with original works displayed at exhibition/event on 02/24/24. Please keep works under a 24X30 size. Please submit using high-resolution photo.

  • Poetry: entries can be text or short videos (less than 1 minute) of a poem being read by the author. Videos of a poem being read/performed must be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo and submitted via a link.

  • Short-form video: entries can be animation, original music, stop-motion, POV,  how-to/tutorial videos, original comedy/skits, dances/routines, digital journalism like interviews or Q&As, or other creative works. All video submissions must be uploaded to Youtube or Vimeo and submitted via the link. Short-form video length is limited to 2 minutes.

How many entries can I submit?

Students may submit as many entries as they like, but not all entries will be displayed (if space is limited).

How do I submit?

All submissions must be submitted by March 4th, 2024 via the online submission form available here. 

  • Photography and written poetry will be directly submitted while original art will be submitted by taking a photo of the original work.

  • Short-form videos will be submitted by submitting a link to YouTube or Vimeo.

  • All submissions must include a signed media release form that grants Communities for Youth the right to showcase your work. For students under age 18, the release form must be signed by a guardian.

  • All students shown in photos and videos must also submit a signed release form. Students under 18 must have a release form signed by a guardian. Release forms must be included with the submission to be considered.

 Questions about the contest can be directed to

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