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Boise Youth Behavioral Health Initiative

Our kids are worth running upstream for!


The City of Boise Mayor's office, in partnership with St. Luke's Community Health & Engagement, are calling all partners, parents, families, business leaders, youth, and other community members to join us in working to build the best possible communities for kids. 

Data collected in November 2022 revealed that roughly ~33% of teens living in Boise are struggling with depression, which is higher than the national average. The good news is we also collected information on what could be causing those elevated numbers. The two main drivers of depression and suicidal ideation in Boise youth are high levels of stress and experiencing high levels of social isolation.

Together, we can do something about that!

Join us in building community and decreasing stress and social isolation for our kids!


Special Thanks to the sponsors of this initiative!
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Special thanks to our organizational collaborators..

*List Coming Soon*

check back in October 2023
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