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For Schools

Schools are the critical link to bring students, parents, and neighborhoods together for one singular mission: help our youth become thriving members of society.

We share your goal of healthy young people. Partner with us to make your work easier!

The US Surgeon General has proclaimed youth mental health as an epidemic across the country. Unfortunately, Idaho youth exhibit some of the highest rates in the nation for depression, suicidal ideation, and suicide completion. To help combat this trend and to best support our struggling youth, we want to partner with you and your school community to provide support through meaningful conversations and shared action planning, filling in support gaps where needed. 


We've spent over a decade building relationships, understanding, and shared accountability to achieve our shared goals. We do this by collecting data through surveys and community meetings to see the bigger picture, then sharing our findings with you to quickly address areas of need.

When we collect data, it is for your school community only.

When we receive data from your school community, we work to summarize and explain the data to answer any questions you may have about young people in your community. We also use this data to lead community meetings where we work directly with local community members and combine their local knowledge with our findings to plan how we can help youth mental health. Sometimes, if there are information gaps or other unfilled needs, we work with multi-sector partners like St. Luke’s Health System, Idaho State Department of Education, and Idaho Health and Welfare to fill those areas.


We do the heavy lifting.

Throughout this process, we aim to coordinate the details in a way that takes a minimal amount of your resources and time, because we know you have so much important work to do. We can provide services such as:

  • Meeting facilitation
    (listening sessions, information/education sessions, school administrator or teacher focused sessions, interventions, and community-informed action planning)

  • Data collection, analysis, and presentation
    (surveys, focus groups, and document review of students, teachers/staff/administration, parents and community members, or multi-sector partners)

  • Strategic planning and communication campaigns
    (public awareness campaigns, educational presentations, parent/community contact, difficult student conversations)

  • Plan implementation and resource coordination


Learn what partnering looks like with us.

Our process is fully customizable to the unique
wants & needs of your school community.

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