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About Us: Welcome
We empower Idaho communities by connecting parents, schools, and kids with the capacity to recognize and address youth mental health so that all may thrive.

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quick tips


  • Start from a place of concern or support. For example, "You seem stressed lately and I want you to know I'm here for you."

  • Be specific about what you've seen or heard that is causing you concern.

  • Really listen to them and be patient. Put away phones and listen for specific emotions they are sharing.


  1. Helping your teen/young adult 

  2. Youth mental health guide (by students for students

  3. Stress busting apps


  • Openly acknowledge that sometimes people can feel lonely.

  • Ask your child if they wished they had more closeness or company in their life.

  • Ask your child if there’s anything you can do to help your child build new connections or strengthen old ones.


  1. Sound it out together

  2. End social isolation in your community



We have resources available for parents, kids, schools, community members, and anyone

else who wants them.

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U.S. Teen Girls Experiencing Increased Sadness and Violence


Share your experience with youth mental health as a parent, kid or community member.
We want to hear from you!


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