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Community Engagement

The full Communities for Youth process involves working with a community to conduct a local youth survey and then using that data to strategize, and ultimately address risk factors and protective factors for youth mental health. To maximize effectiveness and sustainability, this process involves a substantial amount of community engagement and, recognizing schools as the natural hub of communities, coordination with local schools.

However we recognize that schools have A LOT on their plates and collecting youth survey data is not always a top priority. For that reason, the Communities for Youth Empowerment Hub staff does the heavy lifting when it comes to planning and conducting the youth survey as well as reporting out the youth survey data.

Stay Up to Date

For communities seeking the Community for Youth designation, we provide an Empowerment Hub staff point of contact and our whole team helps coordinate the details in a way that takes a minimal amount of schools’ resources and time. We provide services including:

  • Introductory meeting agendas and facilitation

    • Review of survey methods 

    • Survey instrument community tailoring 

    • Assistance with coordination of partners

  • Community engagement assistance 

    • Parent or student information sessions,

    • Community presentations of survey results/ “Data Walks”

  • Survey data collection, analysis, and presentation

    • Creation and delivery of full survey results (descriptive statistics) to school leaders via Community Data Summary

    • Analysis of driving factors behind leading youth mental health challenges

    • Data Walks for school leaders and staff

  • Supplementary data collection

    • Student focus groups 

    • Secondary data analysis of student data (de-identified data only)

    • Surveys of teachers/staff/administration

    • Parent or community surveys/focus groups

  • Coordination of strategic community planning


Featured Resources

FAQS for School Leaders

FAQS for Community Leaders

When we collect data, it is for your school community only.

When we receive data from your school community, we work to summarize and explain the data to answer any questions you may have about young people in your community. We also use this data to lead community meetings where we work directly with local community members and combine their local knowledge with our findings to plan how we can help youth mental health. Sometimes, if there are information gaps or other unfilled needs, we work with multi-sector partners like St. Luke’s Health System, Idaho State Department of Education, and Idaho Health and Welfare to fill those areas.

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