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The Idaho Department of Education
Youth Well-Being Assessment


Communities for Youth is partnering with the Idaho Department of Education to support Idaho schools that wish to participate in the Idaho Youth Well-being Assessment during the 2024-2025 school year. Communities for Youth will support schools and school leaders in planning for administration, supporting the parent opt-in/consent process, and analyzing school-level data.
The Idaho Youth Well-Being Assessment was developed specifically for Idaho youth by local education stakeholders. A full copy of the assessment as well as more information about the process and benefits of the Idaho Youth Well-being Assessment are available from the Idaho Department of Education website.

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  • All assessments are completely anonymous, no one will know how any individual teen responds.

  • Teens are allowed to skip any question they choose and will never be forced to answer.

  • Only teens who have a parent/caregiver actively "opt-in" can participate.

  • Assessment is designed to identify the key risk and protective factors that may lead to outcomes for youth like substance use, mental/behavioral health, chronic absenteeism, and well-being. 

  • The Idaho Department of Education (IDE) is working to align and coordinate resources with the real time needs of youth and schools in our care. 

  • Your participation helps IDE become more efficient and effective in program and resource delivery so they can serve Idaho's youth and make this the best, healthiest place for kids to grow up.

Need More Information?

Contact:​ Katie Watkins

IDE Student Engagement & Safety Coordinator

The statewide assessment for the 2024-2025 school year, was made possible through the generous contributions of Blue Cross of Idaho Foundation for Health, Inc. 

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