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Marsing Youth Well-Being Initiative

Our kids are worth running upstream for!

Marsing Jr/Sr High School, in partnership with Southwest District Health, St. Luke's Community Health & Engagement, and other partners are calling all parents, business leaders, youth, and other community members to join us in building the best possible community for our kids. Data collected in January 2024 showed that high levels of stress and social isolation were associated with increased depressive symptoms and that school connectedness and physical activity were major protective factors!

Together, we can build the best possible community for our kids!

Join us in building community and increasing physical activity and social connection for our kids!

Kindness Campaign


A Kindness Campaign was started through a Kindness Committee. The committee helped come up with a series of events that were held to build community and create a kinder Marsing.


Previous events held included Cookies & Kindness, Family Activity Night, and a Cinco de Mayo party! The #MarsingKind was also created to highlight events.

Click here to find kindness game options for your family!

Looking for ways to get involved?

Join an Action Team or visit our Get Involved page!

Get Involved! Join the Marsing Action Team!


Want to help build the best possible community for Marsing kids AND increase kindness? 

Sign up for the newsletter to find out how you can get involved! The Marsing community decided to investigate increasing social connectedness and physical activity to impact youth mental health and prevent substance use. 


We invite you to join us for our upcoming Action Team Meeting:

Thursday, April 25th, 2024 at Marsing High School 5:30 PM-7:30 PM. RSVP HERE. 

What is an Action Team?

An Action Team is a group of folks in a community (including parents, grandparents, small business owners, organizational partners, and other community members) who co-create and execute a plan to address the needs of young people. The action team combines data, real-life experiences, and research in other communities to create real change. And we can start today!

Something to Celebrate in Marsing!


Since we started surveying and working with the community in Fall 2022... just three years... we have seen the outcomes of all the school leaders; including Norm, Ken & Cindy, as well as the families, and most importantly the kids... really make a difference.

Marsing also increased kids' sense of mattering!


Thanks to our main partners in Marsing!


Upcoming Events

Check out the Community Meetings page to see upcoming meetings for the Blaine Initiative. 

Below are also previous newsletters for the Blaine Initiative. If you would like to receive the newsletter, please sign up here!

Catch Up On Previous Communications

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March Newsletter

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February Newsletter

Sent out on February 27th, 2024

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